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The FK 9, now available in the Mark 6 upgrade, is back in South Africa, fully supported by FK Aircraft, Cape Town, South Africa!!

This stunning design has seen 25+ years of evolution with an estimated 600 units flying. The flagship FK9 Mk 6 is now built in a sleek, fully composite body, boasting a wider cockpit at 120 cm and a 600 kgs MAUW.

Certified Factory built, CAA Part 24 certification in progress.

Whether you’re looking for an aircraft for a flight school, or a personal aircraft, we have the perfect Composite High Wing aircraft for you.

  • Tri gear or Tail dragger
  • Yoke or Stick Control
  • Glass or Conventional Avionics
  • Ballistic Parachute as an option
  • 35 kgs Baggage compartment
  • 600 kg MAUW
  • 110 Knot Cruise
  • 120 cm Wide Spacious Cockpit with panoramic doors